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BookCover.jpg (41018 bytes) Developing Windows NT Device Drivers: A Programmers Handbook (written by Edward N. Dekker and Joseph Newcomer) covers the details of how to write a kernel-mode Windows NT Device Driver. We cover the basic principles of Device Drivers, issues of user API level design (should you use ReadFile/WriteFile or DeviceIoControl?), how to handle either buffered or direct-mapped I/O, basic NT driver architecture (ISR and DPC levels), timers, memory management, DMA, key principles of the ISA and PCI busses, and some advanced (and otherwise undocumented) topics, such as how to map kernel memory or device memory into application space. We even include a preview of the NT 5.0 Device Driver architecture, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the Win32 Driver Model (WDM). Other material you won't find anywhere else includes a mapping between the Driver-level error status codes and the codes returned by GetLastError to the user.


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