Edward Dekker is a consultant specializing in device drivers and systems programming for Windows and Real Time systems.

Edward Dekker works in three areas: development, training and consulting.

Edward Dekker is experienced in the development of device drivers for a wide range of computer peripherals and can work with a clients hardware engineers and assist with the design of the computer interface or develop drivers for existing devices.

Eclectic Engineering can provide training on Windows drivers.

Eclectic Engineering can consult on you project providing advice or conducting code and design reviews of your project.

Edward Dekker has over 40 years of computer systems development experience. Recent projects have included work on USB peripheral drivers, Network Drivers, other Kernel mode drivers, and Display drivers for Windows (2003 Server,  XP, 2000 and NT).

Edward N. Dekker is co-author (with Joseph M. Newcomer) and an instructor of the  Writing a Windows Device Driver  course


Contact Edward Dekker at 603-878-6125 or dekker@www.eclectic-eng.com